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As a pioneer in the Digital Marketing education field, since 2015, AIB Sri Lanka is the first to get accredited in the Digital Marketing field through several partnerships with ATHE UK, CPD UK and ABE UK

We are the first to launch the Diploma in Digital Marketing program in 2015 to introduce the Masters in Digital Marketing program in 2021.

Our Digital Marketing programs focus on developing skills to meet the needs of the digital marketing industry that’ll help you understand how digital marketing works in the wider world 

Through our programs, you will gain the opportunity to work with industry professionals to amplify your digital marketing skills and prepare you for employment in digital agencies and consultancies both in Sri Lanka and Abroad 

Our Digital Marketing programs allow you to gain a professional qualification endorsed by the CPD UK and ABE UK; both globally recognized qualifications

Your pathway

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Give us a call on (+94) 076 538 0070 or 076 838 0505

Certificate in Digital Marketing (CPD UK)

Certificate in Digital Marketing focuses on providing a basic knowledge for beginners. Upon successful completion of the program students are eligible for internships that provide on the job training 

Duration                             :    3 months  

Program Fee                        :    LKR 18,200

Exam Fee                            :    £20

Mode of learning                 :    Online

Next Intake                          :    15th December 2022

Diploma in Digital Marketing (CPD UK)

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I have completed my CIM and my Pilot licensing. I took up a course in Diploma in Digital Marketing to notch up my skills in 2019. The programme was well built to meet the demands of my entrepreneurial and career life. Lecturers are friendly. The programme support team is extreamly supportive. Workshops were using tools that are practical.



I am a biomedical science graduate. I joined the digital marketing course to advance my skills. I completed my qualification in 2020. Friendly lecturers. The knowledge from the course helped me launched myself into the digital marketing industry.



I am digital marketing professional. I was an agency man when I started my career. I was introduced to AIB with the ATHE endorsement in 2015. Today, I have transformmed my career as a digital marketer. I am a Digital Marketing manager at HNB Assuarance PLC

Diploma in Digital Marketing focuses on providing advanced digital marketing skills for professionals..  


Duration                              :           3 months  

Program Fee                        :           LKR 28,200

Exam Fee                            :           £40

Mode of learning                 :           Online

Next Intake                          :          26th November 2022




Ajean Digital Marketing student

Ajean Digital Marketing student

AIB Graduation

AIB Graduation



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Diploma in Digital Marketing

4 Months duration


Rs. 18,200

International Flags


6 months duration


Rs. 50,000


IELTS Coaching classes

1 month duration


Rs. 50,000

Graphic Design Workspace

Certificate in Graphic designing

4 months duration


Rs. 18,200

Contact Us  |  Hotline: 0763229894

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