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AIB is a pioneer in the digital marketing education field. We have taken up several partnerships with ATHE (UK) in 2015; CPD (UK) and in these lines launched the courses of Great Britain, accredited in Sri Lanka. ​AIB Sri Lanka is the first to get accredited in the digital marketing fields by CPD (UK) in 2019 and ATHE (UK) in 2015. We were the first to launch the Diploma in Digital Marketing programmes out there in 2015. Currently we are the first in introducing the Masters in Digital Marketing programme in May 2021.

In 2015, learners often asked why should you study digital marketing - isn't it all about setting up ads in Facebook?. But now, learners have become more matures & employers have also started seeking talented, knowledgeable and well groomed candidates in Digital Marketing. 

Why AIB over other institutes?  

  • More awarding bodies trust us: CPD (UK), British Council, Pearson, GMU University, ABE (UK)

  • The programmes involve new teaching pedagogy like: Harvard case study method deployed

  • Practical programme

  • CPD and membership opportunities

  • Developmental initiatives

  • Growth platform

  • Workshops and customized training

Your pathway

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Diploma in Digital Marketing

Diploma in Digital Marketing programme which aims to facilitate an understanding of core digital marketing principles. ​The programme involves practical sessions where there is weightage and support for you to be confident in managing your digital channels. The programme involves good degree of interaction and personal level support that helps to facilitate your programme implementation.

The program involves:​

  •  practical programme

  • 2 months internship(optional)

  • CPD and membership opportunities

  • Developmental initiatives

  • Growth platform for those wanting growth

  • workshop and customized training

  • Digital badges

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I have completed my CIM and my Pilot licensing. I took up a course in Diploma in Digital Marketing to notch up my skills in 2019. The programme was well built to meet the demands of my entrepreneurial and career life. Lecturers are friendly. The programme support team is extreamly supportive. Workshops were using tools that are practical.



I am a biomedical science graduate. I joined the digital marketing course to advance my skills. I completed my qualification in 2020. Friendly lecturers. The knowledge from the course helped me launched myself into the digital marketing industry.



I am digital marketing professional. I was an agency man when I started my career. I was introduced to AIB with the ATHE endorsement in 2015. Today, I have transformmed my career as a digital marketer. I am a Digital Marketing manager at HNB Assuarance PLC

Add a layer of authenticity to your qualification. Showcase your skills to the prospective employers and community. We welcome our completed learners to claim their digital badges post successfully completing their qualifications. 

Digital badges have been around since 2011. We are a few of the Institutions that was first to issue digital badges to those learners completing their qualifications.


Your digital badges include issue date, displays to the viewer what exactly the assessments entailed, your competency level, an authority of confidence when recruiting or hiring you for the job/service.

It's not the smartest ones who often rea

Master in Digital Marketing


Awarding organisation:         Guglielmo Marconi University


AIB is an academic study partner of TransMind Institute of Training & Development. 

The Master in Digital Marketing is designed for both current and prospective marketing practitioners, since its curriculum provides students with an understanding of the general marketing theory, as well as several contemporary digital marketing techniques.

Students will have the opportunity to study major disciplines in marketing, advertising and promotion in a global context together with the examination of a wider context of their studies in terms of new technologies and advanced marketing tools. These disciplines and tools will include, among others, consumer psychology and buying behavior, marketing strategy, people management, digital branding, social media and advertising with new media. In this way students will be able to obtain the basic marketing knowledge and at the same time they will specialize in the area of digital marketing and improve deeply their current knowledge, competencies and skills.

Outcomes and Professional Profile


Graduates from the Master in Digital Marketing will be able to demonstrate a critical understanding of the main themes and concepts of digital marketing and their application to the international environment. They will improve their problem solving skills, self-expression and independent study being at the same time capable of dealing with issues surrounding digital marketing. Furthermore graduates will have developed their analytical and interpretative skills and demonstrate interest and awareness of contemporary marketing trends. Finally, they will have acquired the necessary knowledge for a career in contemporary marketing positions, something that will increase their chances of employment. Graduates will be capable of operating in multinational companies and international organizations, both public and private. They will have developed the necessary skills and competences for effective intervention, and also a practical expertise to be applied to scenarios in relation to an international context.

Duration:     12 months

Credits:         90 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)/180 Credits


  1. Marketing Theory

  2. Digital Marketing Management

  3. Marketing Practice

  4. Communication and Media

  5. Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  6. Personal Development Plan

  7. Thesis

Awarded By:

GMU is a public non-state university recognised by the Italian Government and approved as the first Italian Open University by the Ministerial Decree of 1st March 2004. The University courses are legally recognized and accredited in Italy, Greece and in and around Europe as it compliance with the Decree of the Ministry of Education, University and Research (the Italian official accreditation body for all university programmes and courses).  The University, whose Headquarters are situated in the heart of Rome, Italy, Via Plinio 44, 00193, has approximately 16000 students and around 500 staff and faculty to manage its operations.

GMU Masters are;

  • Accredited by Ministry of  Education, Italy

  • Accredited by Hellenic NARIC,  Δ.Ο.Α.Τ.Α.Π. Greece

  • Recognized by the members of European Union

  • Listed in IAU/WHED, therefor recognized by UGC Sri Lanka

University Link:

Payment Fee:

Registration Fee: LKR 50,000.00

University Fee: LKR 150,000.00

Installme10,000.00 x 10 Months


Total Fee: 300,000.00

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Give us a call to learn more about the programme. Call us on 0763229894 or 076 838 0505




Ajean Digital Marketing student

Ajean Digital Marketing student

AIB Graduation

AIB Graduation



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Diploma in Digital Marketing

4 Months duration


Rs. 18,200

International Flags


6 months duration


Rs. 50,000


IELTS Coaching classes

1 month duration


Rs. 50,000

Graphic Design Workspace

Certificate in Graphic designing

4 months duration


Rs. 9,400

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