Train the trainer

Train the trainer : (Short course)

We have all got our favourite teachers, lecturers & trainers whom have made our lives fulfilling. Teaching is an art and a science. AIB is deployed in the fields of recruitment, education, training and digital consulting. We have been challenged by the current availability of trainers whom can deliver exceptional engagement. 

Trainers whom can walk the talk. Keep the crowd engaged.  This programme will help you uncover your skills. 

This "train the trainer" programme is for those learners whom are very well equipped in their core knowledge area. This PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME will help you to achieve and modify your skills. 

Why AIB over other institutes?  

  • More awarding bodies trust us: CPD (UK), British Council, Pearson, GMU University, ABE (UK)

  • The programmes involve new teaching pedagogy like: Harvard case study method deployed

  • Practical programme

  • UK affliation and programme engagement

  • Mentoring to launch your own training

  • Workshops and customized training life long!

Programme key contents

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Key contents in the programme

The programme informs the following:

Learning model:      Blended learning​

                                     You will be having e-learning modules that do focus on getting you the theory and assessments.                                           While the face2face/LiveOnline session allows you to focus on an interactive session

Key features of the programme:                                 

  • A dedicated mentor who is following up with you

  • Get a UK endorsed qualification

  • Assessments help you to be groomed

  • Engagement is high

  • Constructive feedback to gain growth

  • Get access to feedback that is accurate

Interested in this course


Give us a call. We will provide you with designated call ins. Call us on 0763229894 or 076 838 0505

Get your digital badge

Add a layer of authenticity to your qualification. Showcase your skills to the prospective employers and community. We welcome our completed learners to claim their digital badges post successfully completing their qualifications. 

Digital badges have been around since 2011. We are a few of the Institutions that was first to issue digital badges to those learners completing their qualifications.


Your digital badges include issue date, displays to the viewer what exactly the assessments entailed, your competency level, an authority of confidence when recruiting or hiring you for the job/service.

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Ajean Digital Marketing student

Ajean Digital Marketing student

AIB Graduation

AIB Graduation



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OTHM Level 4 in Education and Training

OTHM offers one of the highest recognised OFQUAL regulated programme. 

This qualification allows you to pursue your migration requirements quite well. 

Credits:    120 Credits

Classes:    Blended learning methodology

You can speak to a course coordinator who will provide you with immense knowledge into the programme. 


  • G.C.E Advanced Level 2 passes

  • English language proficiency at IELTS 6.0 equivalency.

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Diploma in Digital Marketing

4 Months duration


Rs. 18,200

International Flags


6 months duration


Rs. 50,000


IELTS Coaching classes

1 month duration


Rs. 50,000

Graphic Design Workspace

Certificate in Graphic designing

4 months duration


Rs. 18,200