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Graduation ceremony at aib!

At the Graduation and Awards Day 2023, AIB honoured the accomplishments of over 50 of it's proud graduates as they obtained their Certificate and Diploma awards. The event took place in Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall on February 26th.

Here's what happened during the graduation ceremony!

  • Graduation group photography - 1.10 pm 

  • Graduation Walk - 1.45 pm

  • Dancers escort to the hall - 2.00 pm 

  • Lightning of Oil lamps - 2.15 pm

  • National Anthem - 2.40 pm

  • Welcome Speech by the Director of Aib Sri Lanka, Mr Chrishankar Janathanan - 2.55 pm

  • Speech by Chief Guest Mr Praveen Mahendran - 3.05 pm

  • Diploma Awards 

* Diploma in Graphic Design 

* High Achiever Speech (Mr Brandon Kern)

* Recognising academics 

* Diploma in Digital Marketing 

* High Achiever Speech (Mr Nidula Wijesinghe)

* Recognising academics 

  • Graduation Awards

* ABE Level 6

* Best Student Speech from ABE L6 (Mr Rajitha Algama) 

*Recognising Academics 

  • Certificate Awards

* Certificate in Graphic Design 

* High Achiever Speech (Ms Shahla Fareez)

* Certificate in Digital Marketing 

* High Achiever Speech (Ms Sumaiya Sulaiman)

* Certificate in Content Writing

* High Achiever Speech (Ms Ovini Rodrigo)

* Recognising Academics)

  • Upcoming programme update

  • Programme update - 4.10 pm

  • Declaration of completion - 04.20 pm 

  • Thank you speech - 04.21pm

AIB a pioneer in digital marketing education in Sri Lanka and the first organisation to bring digital marketing education, takes pride in launching the first research conference for Digital Marketing in Sri Lanka. AIB pioneered digital marketing education in the year 2015. 

International Digital Marketing Research Conference 2021 (2).jpg


If you are an industry professional seeking knowledge and would like to publish your work, feel free to contact the admin team who can assign you a mentor. 

All the presenters (researchers) in the conference will be awarded with a digital badge and certification that will stand as a mark of commitment to academic study and research work carried out. 

Add a layer of authenticity to your work. Showcase your skills to the prospective employers and community. We welcome our successful presenters to claim their digital badges post successfully completing their qualifications. 

Your digital badges include issue date, displays to the viewer what exactly the research work entailed, your competency level, an authority of confidence when recruiting or hiring you for the job/service.

It's not the smartest ones who often rea
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Best presenter                              For each track there will be a best presenter award

Best research                                The best research award is presented for researches from each track

Why should you take part in a research conference?

Share knowledge                           Share your knowledge to the global world, as to what you have learnt, applied 

Certificate                                       Showcase your credentials

Your next step                                Ever thought of writing a book or towards journals? this is your first step

Come on board and join this eventful conference which is focused on encouraging the capabilities and transformation of the world around you. 

Get in touch with the research conference team on (+94) 763229894

Email your research abstracts to

Key downloads & Templates

Abstract                                         This is a summary of your research, indicating to the panel the value of research

Full paper                                      A full paper covers a summarised findings and sailent points of research

In the files below you may download the key materials​


Full paper

Forward abstracts through Easy chair

AIB has partnered with Easy chair in order to efficiently and smoothly implement your process in publication of your research process. The Easy Chair does provide for a seamless process that will facilitate to determine and also build on a seamless process. 



AIB's research conference is listed on the Conal Conference Alerts. Signing up on Coanal as a research will also help you to gain further insights on upcoming research conferences. This is an international website. Welcome to IDMC 2021

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