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AIB Recruitment

Our recruitment service streamlines the hiring process for clients, offering expert assistance in sourcing, assessing, and securing top talent. We ensure a tailored fit for your organization through comprehensive interviews and strategic candidate selection.

AIB Recruitment commenced its operations in 2019. The primary scope of the business is to ensure sufficient head counts are available. Priority is provided with different sectors: allowing for the best resources are to be found in the market place. 

Development of the appropriate vision, recognition and process specialty that could lead up to the needs of the business. As a recruiter we ensure sufficient specialty candidate is available in the market place. 

  • Sourcing candidates

  • Being able to background verify a candidate

  • Fulfill the requirements of the market with any updates

  • Fulfill job needs of the AIB education students. 


We are known for!

Since AIB is working with multiple stakeholders we are much more closer to the market/ industry. Often higher education institutions (HEIs) forget that the end customer is the industry. The day that industry rejects the credibility of a learner, the institution suffers. 

  • Learner centered training

  • UK affiliation bodies

  • Development that is oriented towards long term success of the student

  • Continuous programme development

  • Enabling learning with passion

  • A faculty that is well equipped and committed

Values on our side

College Students

Campus Recruitment

AIB Recruitment - Campus Visit

Business Woman Smiling

Career Path Planning

AIB facilities the career planning process

Psychologist's Office

Counseling Service

AIB offers career counseling for staff, allowing for the business to grow

Open Vacancies

Students Sitting on Staircase

Intern (Marketing)

We are on the look out for suitable candidate after A/L

Giving a Lecture

Snr. Lecturer (Education)

A bachelor degree in Education and Training

Backend Developer

Java Developers

HND Qualified

Cleaning the Filters

HVAC AC Sales Managers

Experience in the sales field

Business lady

Manager Operations

Education in the Education Operation

Colleagues Working in Office

Marketing Executives

2 years experience in the Marketing & Education Field

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