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The program aim of digital sales is to leverage digital platforms and technologies to effectively market and sell products or services online. It involves utilising various digital marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and online advertising, to reach and engage with potential customers. The ultimate goal is to drive sales, increase revenue, and expand the customer base through digital channels.

1. Understand digital marketing principles and strategies: Learners should recognise the difference between traditional and digital sales. Understanding of digital marketing concepts, including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and online advertising. Learners should be able to identify the most effective digital marketing, selling strategies for their products or services.


2. Develop proficiency in utilising digital sales tools and platforms: Participants should gain practical experience in using various digital sales tools and platforms, such as CRM software, e-commerce platforms, and analytics tools. They should be able to effectively leverage these tools to optimise sales processes and track key performance metrics.


3. Enhance customer engagement and conversion rates: Participants should learn techniques for engaging and converting potential customers online. This includes understanding consumer behaviour in the digital space, creating compelling content, implementing effective lead generation strategies, and optimising user experience to increase conversion rates.


4. Analyse and optimise digital sales performance: Participants should be able to analyse digital sales data and metrics to identify areas of improvement and optimise sales performance. They should learn how to interpret key performance indicators (KPIs), conduct A/B testing, and make data-driven decisions to enhance sales effectiveness and ROI.

Programme - Certificate in Digital Sales

Programme duration - 3 Months


Minimum admissions requirements - G C E Ordinary Level pass grading - English language capability at IELTS 6.0 or equivalent standard of acceptance, deemed acceptable by recruiting staff member


Duration : 3 Month
Programme Fee : LKR 18,200/=
Exam Fee : £20
Mode of Learning : Online

Certificate in Digital Sales (CPD UK)

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I have completed my CIM and my Pilot licensing. I took up a course in Diploma in Digital Marketing to notch up my skills in 2019. The programme was well built to meet the demands of my entrepreneurial and career life. Lecturers are friendly. The programme support team is extreamly supportive. Workshops were using tools that are practical.



I am a biomedical science graduate. I joined the digital marketing course to advance my skills. I completed my qualification in 2020. Friendly lecturers. The knowledge from the course helped me launched myself into the digital marketing industry.



I am digital marketing professional. I was an agency man when I started my career. I was introduced to AIB with the ATHE endorsement in 2015. Today, I have transformmed my career as a digital marketer. I am a Digital Marketing manager at HNB Assuarance PLC


Cheerful marketing people brainstorming


Diploma In Digital Marketing

Duration: 3 Months

Course Fee: RS. 42,500/=



IELTS Coaching Classes

Duration: 1 Months

Course Fee: RS. 50,000/=



Certificate In Graphic Design

Duration: 3 Months

Course Fee: RS. 29,500/=




Duration: 6 Months

Course Fee: RS. 65,000/=

Female Student



Duration: Tailor made, 1 week, 20 hours

Course Fee: RS. 15,000/=

Office Scene


Master in Digital Marketing

Duration: 12 Months

Course Fee: RS. 720,000/=

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