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  • How does recruitment work?
    AIB is approached by Corporates to fulfill their HR needs. AIB charges from the businesses in order to fulfill the needs of the local market. We are upto date on staff concerns. Steps Email CV - Email your CV to 1st interview - Over the phone 2nd interview - Face to face Final interview - Client side Feedback to you might be limited during this process. Feel free to call us and request update on the recruitment process.
  • I am a perfect fit, I sent my CV but didnt get to hear back?"
    AIB recruitment works with multiple clients. Businesses looking for a candidate. Despite the job ad highlighting the bare essentials for the job, some of our clients have highlighted the need for a specific candidate from X background, X workplace, Y distance to Office. As such, eventhough your CV might fit, client's requirements will affect the process.
  • How can I still call and check?
    Feel free to call us on 0763229894 We will provide you with relevant status and suggest you some career indicators.
  • What is the fee that AIB recruitment charges?
    AIB recruitment does not charge any fees from candidates. We charge from clients.
  • What is AIB screening services?
    AIB has a consistent data base of prospective candidates. We are able to go beyound the references provided by a candidate. We will be able to consistently update on our network, to provide a full profile on the candidate.
  • What is special about AIB recruitment?
    We provide a 3 month guaranteed replacement time. This is to facilitate accuracy over job description, person, company fit. We ensure that the staffs recruited and fulfilled do have sufficient understanding of the organisational culture and the experience that is offered
  • Which course to take up?
    Talk to our counsellors. Our counsellors will suggest you a complete pathway to undertake a consistent programme for further development.
  • Are AIB courses recognised?
    All courses that are launched by AIB are accreditted by a UK awarding organisation. Further our courses are also deployed with Ofqual regulated qualifications. Our courses are partnered with awarding organisations such as ABE (UK)
  • Can I get to know about Special considerations, Refund policy, Health and safety, GDPR, Whistle Blowing, Compliance, Special Consideration, Malpractice, Maladministration?
    Our centre follows a standard Centre Handbook. Learner's can get to know about the current practices. If in doubt, you can always link with one of our student counsellors to further guide you through the process. LINK IN HERE
  • What advantage does AIB offer?
    AIB offers a distinctive advantage of: (1) Nexus with corporates, service agencies (2) Well recognised with UK accreditations (3) Connected extensively with the UK markets and international business (4) Our own recruitment firm with priority (5) A proud BNI member


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