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This MBA in Digital Marketing is a unique and innovative programme that addresses the need of modern professionals to be familiar with the digital world. It is particularly suited to aspiring individuals who want to develop a deeper understanding of new concepts of digital marketing and marketing through social media. They may include Managers and Executives working in Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Sales, and IT professionals looking to expand into a marketing role.


Equally, this MBA would be ideal for anyone who is responsible for developing a digital media or social media plan for their organisation. It is also an excellent grounding for any applicant who wishes to enter this new and exciting field.


The ​MBA programme has the following learing models to work with. 

  • Seminar based Learning​  - Understanding the role of the “Seminar” learning model: Seminars are two (2) day heavy sessions that are led by a professor or equivalent staff members, to discuss topics and themes that are presented. A range of lecture slides, presentations, debates are included.

  • Lecture-based Learning - The session will include engaging content. Mostly tutor-led. As it is a MBA based programme, there is going to be a number of communication and interaction that is professionally carried out. Lectures are tutor-led, often Professors or Industry leaders who will lead the conversation. 


  • One to one learning - MBA in Digital Marketing learners are encouraged to take part in one-to-one interaction with their peers. Self-learning and reflective learning are undertaken by students taking part in the sessions. 

Why aib over others?

  • On time classes

  • No quality complaints 

  • Our awarding organisations have never withdrawn

  • Dedicated team to help you

  • Lecturers are engaged with you

  • We want you to succeed!

Duration - 1 Year

MBA in Digital Marketing


Cheerful marketing people brainstorming


Diploma In Digital Marketing

Duration: 3 Months

Course Fee: RS. 42,500/=



IELTS Coaching Classes

Duration: 1 Months

Course Fee: RS. 50,000/=



Certificate In Graphic Design

Duration: 3 Months

Course Fee: RS. 29,500/=




Duration: 6 Months

Course Fee: RS. 65,000/=

Female Student



Duration: Tailor made, 1 week, 20 hours

Course Fee: RS. 15,000/=

Office Scene


Master in Digital Marketing

Duration: 12 Months

Course Fee: RS. 720,000/=

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