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Working with us

AIB is committed to expand globally we are current franchised and working with multiple awarding bodies. Our synergy is felt in across the board from recruitment - who recruit our students (internationally) to our core area of business in events and digital. We have been able to apply significant improvements by merging education with contemporary trends seen in the market place and business. 

We are trusted across a range of multiple awarding organisations, centers and partnership whom could take synergy by partnering with AIB. 

Work with us


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AIB is open to franchising with centres that are on the look out for partnership. AIB is committed to maintaining higher quality of academic partnerships. AIB is able to offer synergy for the development of the education sector. AIB is an international recruiter and does facilitate in programme leadership. 

Franchising is open to centers that are looking out to partner for example at the start up stage. 

(a) Use of logo

(b) Academic partnerships

(c) Course consultation and curriculum development

(d) Student engagement and support

(e) Process blue prints

(f) Consultation models

A prospective franchisee will have to illustrate & prove

(a) Sufficient academic profile

(b) Management capability

(c) Academic profiles

(d) Financial strength

(e) Ethical and social responsibilities

(f) Policies & processors

Franchise fee: GBP 450 (annual commitment)

Affiliate marketing

AIB encourages 3rd party platforms to promote the courses, recruitment services and digital services that could be of interest to you. Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person's or company's products.

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Diploma in Digital Marketing

4 Months duration

Diploma in Digital marketing is tasked with ensuring a practical study of the programme.


Rs. 18,200

International Flags


6 months duration

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Rs. 45,000

International Flags

Master in Digital Marketing

12 months duration

Masters Degree programme on digital marketing. Involves 6 modules with a research thesis.





1 month duration

An intensive result oriented programme. The AIB programmes host indvidual attention.


Rs. 50,000

Graphic Design Workspace

Certificate in Graphic designing

4 months duration

Graphic designing is a practical tool that is used to deploy and facilitate learning. 


Rs. 18,200

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