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Content Writing Jobs & Content Writing course to empower you!

Updated: Feb 4

Content writing jobs are becoming quite important to create a crowd following for their respective brands. Corporates are after content creators and word smiths.

What is your motivation to pick up writing?

For those whom are new bees trying to figure out writing. Start off with our course on content writing. All you need is a pen, paper. If you consider yourself a digital freak - why not play out with a laptop or a tab. Pick your favourite tea and sit down writing your content.

Companies need content creators

  1. Write articles

  2. Prepare attractive product descriptions

  3. To update and upgrade their websites

  4. Develop newsletters

  5. To release press releases

  6. E-Books

Right now, AIB Sri Lanka is offering a course that could involve and improve your ability to better market yourself. What is much more important to understand is the fact - that the course is offered with a guaranteed part time job placement.

In one end of the spectrum you get technical writers. Writers whom specialise in fields such as IT and Health care. Go into specifying a number of features and also build capability to meet the market place.

Other side of the coin are creative writers. Writers whom engage themselves in the writing of thought provoking articles, poems that inspire or make people fall in love, or simply sprinkle their creativity to carry a message.

Who is the right candidate for the content writing programme?

  • Mothers who prefer to work from home, have their own schedules.

  • University students whom want to earn a side income

  • An academic who has spare time in his hands to deal with corporates

The team of tutors and trainers in our organisation are committed to ensure that the team does meet the requirements set by our corporates. AIB Sri Lanka is not only an organisation that is involved in teaching but also into corporate recruitment. This provides the organisation with much needed fixing.

At the time of writing AIB Sri Lanka is able to offer Jobs as a guaranteed outcome of the course. However, we would encourage you to check with us before joining us on the course.

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