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Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon

Steal like an Artist is a beautifully packaged book that appeals to the new age professionals who are entering the industry.

  • Takes the perspective of a journey of a creativist

  • Lessons the author learned for life

  • Good and bad

  • Key lessons

  • Doodles

  • What to do next after reading the book

Lesson 01: Copy your heroes that you start discovering your own style

School teaches you not to copy. Be a good boy or girl. Find your own unique way.

But the author encourages you to work on copying your heroes and idols that you may end up with your own style.

Lesson 02: Routine

This is common in all self help book. But the author does emphasise on getting a job, while creating your own kingdom. A job gives you fixed income and a schedule. The rest of the other pieces fall around your schedule.

Lesson 03: Doodles, Journals, Morgue

A range of tips are provided on how to conduct yourself. You get encouragement towards having a "Morgue" of your hero's inspirational work. Good practices. Writing a journal.

This book does provide so many inspirational content!

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