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Digital Marketing course in Sri Lanka

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Digital marketing is an integral subject for tomorrow's generation. Digital world is influenced by how well you are able to stay current, be confident in using the software, tools and also recognise key advantages entrusted in recognising key advantages for the organisation. You may be an entrepreneur, working professional or a student who has been freshly graduated.

Digital marketing courses in Sri Lanka - AIB sparks the uniqueness of life long learning.

Classes are a maximum of six (6) pax.

When you are sitting in a micro class, the tutor knows you quite personally. You will be able to personal message him or her and ask your doubts.

AIB Sri Lanka chapter has an active programme team. They are able to individually take care of your requirements - be it migrating for jobs, or upward migration. You will be able to make a unique advantage.

Active research community

AIB Sri Lanka has an active student community. Be it your first day or even after you complete your course, we do send you free updates on the recent news that is happening in the market place.

AIB has a graduation ceremony with a graduation dress

AIB is one of the few institutions that has a degree programme that is actively running in Masters in Digital marketing.

Professional lecturers over unprofessional ones

Digital marketing lecturers do have a positive standing in the industry with a positive affinity with Pearson on PTE, BRITISH COUNCIL, ABE (UK), CPD (UK), that it does provide a surpassing advantage for the organisation, and for you! First institution to get accredited by CPD (UK) in Sri Lanka

The team at AIB Sri Lanka is able to boast as the first accredited course provider. Confident in the team's approach.

Digital badges

AIB is able to offer digital badges to show case your performance to the outside world.

Path way

AIB is able to provide you with a pathway. You can complete your Top-up degrees and MBA in Digital marketing via AIB Sri Lanka.

AIB is vibrant and ever revolving. Often refer to their alumni as the tribe. Call them! You should be good by now!

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